Photo Ops

There are several different blooms throughout the year.  We do our best to estimate when trees and flowers will be in bloom, but keep in mind this is just an estimation. We are at the mercy of weather conditions from year to year.

Photo Worthy Locations

Peach Orchard

One of a kind photo opportunity 

Late January and early February we have a glorious sea of pink blossom.  Early May the trees are drooping with beautiful peaches, that just love the camera. Throughout the spring and summer the shape of the peach trees provide a tropical oasis for a unique photo setting.

Orange Grove

The grove provides a nostalgic backdrop

The trees are covered with a delicate white flower for about  7 to 10 days normally in mid March. It can be sooner or later depending on weather.  December is the perfect time to get some action shots picking oranges from the trees.  The trees have fabulous green leaves all year round providing a an authentic Florida photo backdrop. 

Fields and Fun

Hidden treasures around the farm

There are many treasures yet to be found on the farm along with big surprises from season to season.  The Shaker Shed is a destination favorite for photographers.  We have open fields, tree canopy’s, a natural lake edge, an amazing palm grove large oak trees and so much more.  Follow us on Facebook to learn about various fields and crops that we plant throughout the year!

Blooms and Blossoms

Seasonal flowers and blooms

Visitors come form far and wide to walk among the sunflowers.  Starting in 2020 sunflowers will be ready in spring and again late fall to winter.  Phlox bloom in the spring, each year our field of purple in May is a surprise to behold.    Be sure to join our Photo Op Facebook group to be in the know of bloom dates and future crops.


Professional Photographers who are licensed and insured are invited to bring your clients to our farm for photoshoots. The fee to use our farm will vary based on the season and location. Photographers interested in renting our farm can contact us via Facebook Messenger.

We have created a private group for photographers to learn more about our farm.  All photographers with a website and/or Facebook page are encouraged to join our group.  

Follow who’s scheduling and be the first to know about our public photo days by following up on Facebook.

Be the first to know about our public photo days by following us on Facebook