About the Farm

It's a family tradition!

 Five generations of Grahams have worked in the orange groves on our family farm over the past 100 years.    Three of our four children are planning to carry on the family tradition.   Our daughter Margeaux has purchased land adjacent to the farm. She is currently growing hay as she researches the ideal crop for her property.  After serving in the US Navy both of our boys will be returning to the farm.  Zak, who has served for 12 years, has decided it is time to come home and raise his family on the farm!  Cooper left for the Navy in Dec 2019.  He too has decided to come back home, at this point he is planning a pretty cool career change….watch for more to come.  

Strolling through the orange grove is like taking a step back in time to when life was simple.  Bring the kids and escape the hustle n bustle of our busy world.  It brings our heart joy to hear you and your kids having fun and making memories in the grove.    Follow us on Facebook for the most up-to-date information, or you can call/text 352-636-3821.

Oranges are ripe at our Umatilla Location in December

We grow Honey Bells, Red Navels, and Sugar Bells.

New Vision New Future

What began as a family farm growing Florida Citrus has grown into a popular Central Florida Destination.    We planted Planted our first block of UFOne peaches in 2014, and in 2016 we opened our orchard up as a U-Pick. The UFOne is ripe the first 2 weeks in May.  The UFOne is a large firm peach with fabulous flavor.

In 2019 we began picking the UFBest, it is ripe in April. The UFBest is a beautiful red peach that is best picked when still a bit firm.

We are working with the University of Florida on some new varieties that will be coming to the farm soon!

We have had pickers visiting our farm from far and wide including Miami, Naples, Tampa, Orlando, Georgia, New York, California, and even Germany just to name a few.

Folks always ask if our peaches are clingstone or free stone.  Well, Florida peaches are classified differently than their norther cousins.  Florida peaches are either melters or non-melters.  Our current varieties are non-melters.  Which means a great shelf life.  In an attempt to compare peaches to peaches, they would be considered a semi-cling.  The come off the pit real easy, they have a consistent flavor all the way to the pit, but do not get the gritty center like a freestone.

Peaches are ripe at our Umatilla location in April and May


Surprise Expansion!

Blackberries were not anywhere on our radar.  But one day a friend who had a vibrant U-pick produce stand stopped by to visit our farm.  He was preparing to retire.  When he saw the passion we have for growing quality crops for the local community he asked if we were interested in buying his blackberry plants.

We spent several weeks loading the plants, which were in 20-gallon pots, into our cattle trailer & moving them 20 plants at a time.  It was June & it was hot!  But, before we knew we had moved nearly 1000 blackberry plants to the farm!  We had our first harvest in the spring of 2022, they were a huge hit!

Blackberries are ripe at our Umatilla location in April and May

Feeding the community!

Strawberries were another crop that kind of landed in our laps.   We were invited to be a partner in a “garden” opportunity in Altoona. This former orange grove is one of the finest pieces of farmland in Central Florida.  The rich black soil was ideal for growing strawberries and seasonal vegetables.

Spring of 2022 we harvested squash, zucchini, okra, watermelon, & canteloupe.  Beginning in December of 2022 we started harvesting strawberries, kale, collards, broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts & onions.  Crops will continue until it gets hot.  Crop availability varies from day to day.

Each season’s crops will depend on what we can get for seeds and how successful the crop was the previous season.

Strawberries are ripe at our Altoona location Dec-April

Our favorite part of the farm is meeting you!

All dates are estimates, they can vary from year to year.