Let the blossoms begin!

We planted our first sunflower field in the spring of 2019.  It was breathtaking, they have become one of our signature crops.  Watch for two plantings a year, one in the spring and second in late fall.

The sunflowers brought so much joy to us and our visitors we began searching for other fun flowers.  There are so many, one of them that won our hearts was lavender.  Which does not do well in the Florida humidity, but after much research we decided that we may just have the perfect micro-climate on the farm to sustain a the rolling rows of purple.  We tested several varieties and found two that are doing great.  It takes 3 years for lavender to fully mature, however, we are expecting some blossoms in the summer of 2020.

In our research we fell in love with so many beautiful flowers.  We  are planting a variety of wildflower fields that should provide a variety beautiful blossoms for good pictures and picking from spring to fall.